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Atlanta Legal Marketing is the gold standard for legal marketing services in Atlanta. We are your trusted legal marketing partner, combining the custom digital content you deserve with the powerful results you desire.
Heather Riggs

Heather Riggs, J.D.

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Atlanta Legal Marketing has been raising the bar on marketing services for the Atlanta legal industry since 2013. Our Founder, attorney Heather Riggs, has always had an enthusiasm for innovation in the business of law. She has dedicated her career to providing fellow members of the profession with customized, compliant, and credible digital marketing. 

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Your website will create a measure of credibility for referral sources and a sleek experience for clients. Atlanta Legal Marketing provides elegant websites that define your practice area, community, and firm as the foundation of your legal marketing.

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Law firms must attract new leads in order to provide their services to a larger audience. But lead generation is where many attorneys and their firms miss the mark. Lawyers can overlook the tried-and-true direct marketing strategies that prove to achieve measurable results time and again.
Building awareness of your law firm may drive traffic to your website and improve your lead generation efforts. But creating demand for your legal services requires a more targeted approach that can multiply your overall results. Demand generation should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Growing the demand for your services is what leads to lasting relationships with current and prospective clients.
Your relationships with clients are one of the most valuable business assets you can own. Long-term relationships lead to ongoing revenue, client referrals, and a strong industry reputation. But many law firms still fail to understand the importance of these relationships and the loyalty they can create. Relationships increase client retention, which supports business goals and reduces the cost of acquiring new clients.
Observing client behavior allows you to customize your marketing message for measurable results. There are steps that law firms can take to improve client behavior and provide greater value while achieving the firm’s business goals.

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