Standing Out From the Crowd With Personal Branding

It’s become a lot harder to stand out in the digital world. Law firms and lawyers compete for the attention, likes, and shares of their audiences. The changes that have occurred in online marketing have transformed the way you build your brand.

Personal branding makes it possible to stand out from the crowd. In the same way that a corporation develops a powerful brand, so can individuals who want to connect with their clients and build loyalty among a growing community.

Modern-Day Branding

Today’s branding isn’t what it used to be. Names and logos are no longer enough to constitute a compelling brand. Companies and individuals must scratch beneath the surface to create brands that communicate to the feelings and perceptions of their audiences.

Clients experience your brand when they engage with your services, and content. Your brand reflects the core values of your firm. It expresses your value proposition in ways that a tagline or slogan simply cannot.

The advent of social media has transformed the way consumers engage with all businesses. Your brand must now have a consistent voice across all of your marketing channels in order to build trust and credibility among your customers.

The Power of Personal Brand

Your personal brand is a valuable asset to your long-term success. But it must be applied in the right way to ensure that you maximize its benefits. Your personal brand must work to guide your audience forward in your sales process.

The following are just some of the factors that influence the conversion potential that your brand can provide your business:

  • Your value proposition
  • Benefits for current and future customers
  • Motivation of your prospects
  • Friction in the sales process

If your branding efforts create friction anywhere in the process, it makes it difficult for your clients to move forward. This occurs when businesses over-expose their brand on their website and marketing materials.

The important thing to remember is that your brand can work for you, but it can also work against you if you’re not careful.

Testing Your Brand

Testing is at the core of all successful marketing efforts. Your personal brand should also undergo the scrutiny of long-term testing. Refine your brand message and more effectively reach your ideal client.

More branding does not always lead to positive results. So it’s essential that you test the use of any brand images, colors, and fonts when optimizing your brand. These and other elements support your brand when used appropriately. Otherwise, they can get in the way of your brand experience and dilute your value proposition.

As you test your brand over time, you should consider how effective it is at building a community. Your customer’s perception of your brand determines its success in the long run.

Review all of your marketing campaigns and channels. They should accurately reflect the mission and values that your brand seeks to articulate. Have you adapted your brand to accommodate the changes in online marketing and social media?

The needs of your clients evolve over time. Your personal brand makes it possible to interact and receive direct feedback. Your brand must respond to these needs in a way that continues to build loyalty and positions you as an authority within your industry.

Personal branding establishes a voice for your business and represents its core values for customers. Your brand can work for you if you understand how to adapt it to the changing needs of your customers and the evolving marketplace.

Let us know how you’ve been able to use personal branding to grow your business. If you’re struggling to optimize your branding efforts, describe your sticking points in the comments below. We’ll help you identify the best strategy for establishing a powerful brand that brings you and your business real results.

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