Why Attorneys Need to Blog Right Now

Attorneys and blogging might not sound like a natural fit. But as online marketing continues to evolve, more legal professionals and the firms they represent are turning to blogging as a powerful way to grow their practices.

A blog generates greater visibility for any business. It positions you as an authority in your industry. More importantly, there are benefits to your site’s rankings that make blogging a worthwhile investment for attorneys.

The following are the most valuable reasons for attorneys to blog.

Increased Traffic to Your Website

The first step in blogging is to determine what keywords you’ll be targeting through your regularly updated content. This helps your site appear first in the search results related to those keywords so that your prospective clients are more likely to find you.

SEO industry experts consistently rank the creation of high-quality content as the leading way to improve rankings and generate more traffic to your site.

In addition, your blog posts can be shared across your online and offline channels, which lead more readers to your site over time.

Authority Positioning

In today’s online marketplace, it’s critical that you distinguish yourself from your competitors. This demonstrates your expertise by providing valuable information that helps the reader while building credibility and trust.

If your legal practice specializes in a particular area of interest, a blog will be invaluable to those readers who are looking for that information, and they’re more likely to return in the future.

A blog makes it easy to position yourself as the ideal solution to the needs of your readers. It indicates a willingness to build relationships with your audience and generates a positive impression for your law practice.

Expand Your Network

Traditional networking involves face-to-face meetups and following up with prospective clients or collaborators. Although this form of networking still has value, there’s a new world of networking that many attorneys overlook.

Social media and blogging are the new networking. Your blog allows you to build relationships with other industry experts. This increases your visibility and builds credibility in the minds of your readers.

By expanding your network, blogging gives your law practice a wider reach that generates more traffic to your site and presents new opportunities for growth.

SEO Benefits

Blogging enhances your SEO efforts by improving your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP). Not only does it increase the organic traffic you receive, but also any offline referrals will inevitably connect with you online.

If someone Google’s you or your law practice’s name, what will they find? This is the core of SEO. You want prospective customers to find the right information quickly and easily.

Blogging also generates more pages for your site. Each blog post generates a new URL that’s crawled and indexed by search engines. A higher number of site pages results in a greater number of links.

Links allow you to create more inbound marketing channels by linking other relevant content back to your site. The more content you create for your site, the greater your domain authority will be. This factor is just one of many that can predict how well your site will rank in the SERPs.

Blog posts create a higher likelihood that your site will rank for “long-tail” keywords. These are keyword phrases that are highly specific. The more content you create through your blog, the more long-tail keywords you’ll rank for in the long run.

As an attorney in today’s marketplace, you should make blogging a key component to your marketing strategy. If you have a blog, there are factors that you need to consider to ensure that it is providing the greatest benefit for your efforts.

Let us know how blogging has helped your law practice. What strategies have you found most effective, and which ones have proven ineffective?

If you’re not sure where to start in creating a blog for your business, we’ll provide the feedback to help you establish your practice as a trusted leader in your industry.

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