10 Signs You Should Invest In Blogging

Search Engine Optimization.

What’s that? Your site isn’t on the front page of Google no matter what words you enter or how you phrase it? Blogging can help fix that. The number one reason to blog is search engine optimization. Google searches reflect content and blogging provides just that. Even if no one is reading your blogs steady relatable content according to HubSpot is shown to increase traffic to your site by over fifty percent. It’s not just users who may read your blogs its search engines and if search engines aren’t getting the content and keywords they need then don’t count on your website popping up on that front page listing anytime soon. Blog for increased SEO.

It’s There Forever.

Blogging in a way is like networking. You never know where it may lead or what connections it may make. You can meet someone now and in eight months get a referral because that person told their friend who told his friend and bam! New client at your door. Blogging is similar, you write the article, you put it out there and the connections it can make are completely unpredictable. You could get an email from a prospective client who found a blog you wrote years ago when he was searching this week for that very information. What do you know your blog was still there, it was exactly what he wanted, it still popped up in searches, and now you have a new lead. Or maybe that blogs in an online journal somewhere, someone reads it, links it right back to your site, finds themselves visiting your business or purchasing multiple products off your site. All because a blog you put out forever ago lead them there. Do not underestimate the infinite search life of a blog and what it could do for your business.

Problem Resolution and Business Development.

A great way to resolve issues with products, services, and business development is through blogging. Blogging can be used subtly to reach out and find what your clients and target demographic need. Create interaction and get new ideas from your customers this is a great way to source ideas for business development while simultaneously finding out what it is your customers want and need. They will tell you if you involve them and blogging is a social welcoming way to do that. Same goes for any issues you may note in services or products. Write about what’s going wrong, what’s going right and take note of the reactions you get from your readers.

Creating Interaction and Solidifying Relationships with Readers.

Reliable blogs posted consistently create trust between you and your readers for your company. If they can count on you to entertain them or educate them on a weekly basis they will probably have an increased likely hood to find faith in your companies’ services and products as well. Create this bond through blogging and welcome their comments and interaction, people are more likely to stick with a company if they feel their opinions and ideas matter to that company and they are more likely to buy a service or product if they feel it’s one they had a say in.

Easily Repurposed Content.

Having a steady flow of blogs to create content for your website is great not only for search engine optimization but for repurposing as well. Utilize blog information to repost into newsletters, advertisements, email blasts or any other source you can think of to provide a consistent flow of information to your customers. You may not have time to call every one of them, but you still can connect through properly utilizing blogs and repurposing their content.

Direct Sales and Event promotion.

Blogs are advertising, whether it’s directly or indirectly. A blog promotes you as a writer, your company you are writing for, and can even be utilized to directly pitch a service or product to a customer. If you have a new product you’re launching or an event coming up blog about it. The reader audience is already there so make the most of it.

Stand out in your Market

Blogging is a great way to establish a voice and become an expert in your field. The consistent creation of reliable intriguing blogs can produce a following of readers from all parts of the world. Being known as a resource and informative expert can be very beneficial in standing out from the competition. Maybe they don’t blog, maybe they don’t share all their wonderful knowledge for free, maybe they do blog and it bores people to death. Blogging can become a differentiating factor between your business and the competition, make it a good difference.

Indirect Sales

While writing and educating your readers, feel free to throw in solutions or products that your company can provide related to the topic you’ve written about. You don’t need to directly say “Hey buy this, this is what it does”. Your readers are already at your article because the topic is most likely something they need fixed or are intrigued by. All you need to do is provide the additional links and gentle guidance. Make the most of this by making sure any call to actions, links, images and advertising on the page are related to the blog article being viewed.

Better than Press Releases

A press release is seen by how many people and for how long? What ever the numbers it’s going to pale in comparison to the number of viewers a blog can get, the number of links it can create, and the fact that it has an infinite search life. Don’t do press releases the old fashioned way, blog. 

To connect with new clients

The most simple of reasons to blog is to connect with new clients. The creation of information easily accessible by anyone online through a simple search is priceless. Write to connect with people.


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