3 Ways to Turn Website Traffic Into Clients

Generating more traffic to your website is of utmost importance. Implementing pay-per-click advertising campaigns and strategic search engine optimization are two ways that you can increase the number of people who lay eyes upon your firm’s online products/services pages. However, it doesn’t end there; simply getting consumers TO your site isn’t quite enough. It is equally crucial that we’re able to convert a large quantity of those who visit into bonafide leads.

A visitor becomes a lead when they take some action that implies their genuine interest in what you have to offer. If handled correctly, that lead can be the beginning of a relationship which—when trust is developed and timing is perfect—can mean present and future sales for you from your new client. Most often that “lead” comes in the form of a user’s email address, shared with you so that you can stay in contact, informing him/her of all of the future releases, announcements, and goodies that your firm offers.

There are several ways that you can turn traffic into leads. These are a few ideas can be implemented and modified for your firm, and area of expertise then put into action on your website.

  1. Tips and tricks

What information or interest do people come to your site in search of? Setup a daily (or weekly) email autoresponder series that gifts subscribers with handy little pointers or useful words of advice in that area.

  1. Crowdsource it

Being social and open to asking the general public for THEIR advice on things is an incredibly smart move for your firm! Whether it’s a new service offering or information booklet, getting feedback on the new client experiences welcomes the reaction and critique of customers. Not only will you gather their info as a new lead for future services, but also they will develop the feeling of being invested in, and already a part of your firm and its offerings.

  1. Webinar

Is there a question that nearly everyone visiting your site likely wants to find an answer for? Schedule a live webinar that can feature any combination of video, audio and/or PowerPoint-type slides. Give your prepared presentation and leave a few extra minutes to respond to inquiries that viewers have “chatted” in during the session. If you discover that there’s enough demand, you might even find yourself occasionally repeating the webinar, or hosting weekly/monthly events on a variety of topics.

Though the headline said, “3 ways” to use your blog or website to get more leads, the possibilities are numerous!

  • Give “members” who subscribe on your site exclusive discount codes (or coupons) to use when purchasing your services or signing up for a consultation
  • Gather a collection of your finest blog posts, package them into one nice, tidy little ebook, and give that away (emailed in PDF format) with every email sign up.
  • Promote a contest or sweepstakes, giving away one of your products for free.
  • Run a referral program that allows users to get a unique code to share with their friends and extended network. By bringing additional leads your way, they earn the reward of a deeper discount. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Try any/all of the ideas we’ve laid out here, but also let them inspire you to come up with your own creative ways to turn all of that awesome traffic your website is getting into awesome new leads and repeat clients!

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